• INFO /Conor and Liam Clarke couldn’t be more different and still be related. But it’s their differences that make their electronic music collaboration, Love Thy Brother, tick. The Montreal-based duo has made its name worldwide with emotionally charged, melodic house remixes of hits from acts like Drake and Banks. The siblings settled on the name Love Thy Brother to reflect their differences in style and approach, and how those differences are outstripped by a shared love of classic electronic and dance music. Love Thy Brother’s unique sound is a blend of deep, melodic techno and house with a crossover appeal. Their remixes as well as their more recent original material bring together raw synths, vintage sounds, live instruments and emotionally charged vocals. “We want to bridge the gaps from the underground to the mainstream, and from the headphones to the dancefloor.” Conor says. “We’re going for house and techno that’s big and authentic, but can cross over, get airplay and work well on the main stage.” Conor and Liam share a loft in Montreal that doubles as a studio, but little apart from that. Older brother Conor is a classically trained musician with an orchestra background, who traveled the world at a young age. He focuses on arrangement as well as much of the business end of things, including media and fan interaction. Younger brother Liam is the studio rat, logging long hours on production on their tracks. He’s been at it since age 12, when he began fiddling with production on the very first Ableton. “Creatively speaking, I love the song and getting it out there, and he loves the process and the technical side,” says Conor. Love Thy Brother started making music together around 2007, influenced by electro, dubstep, disco, classic house, and French house, and acts like Daft Punk, Justice, Jan Hammer and Tangerine Dream. They soon were hosting a popular series of Montreal houseparties called Saintwoods, booking acts in 2006 and 2007 that are just now gaining more mainstream popularity. “We started DJing at a time when Justice was blowing up and electronic music was beginning to hit the mainstream,” Conor explains. “Before long, we were putting out a remix once every six months influenced by what we liked at the time.” Earlier this year, Love Thy Brother released their first original track, titled “Reminding Me” with Toronto pop songwriter Chris Rivers contributing vocals. The song has been picked up by big-name blogs, has gotten radio airplay and tens of thousands of listens on YouTube and SoundCloud. Building on that success, Conor and Liam are now setting off on the busiest six months of their career, with plans to release an original track every month for 6 months. Their new material is influenced by the longer history of dance music rather than current trends. “To be able to make the type of music we really love that has its roots in sounds that were big 20 or 30 years ago, and to do it now with my brother is really special,” says Conor. “Now we’re ready to take it to the next level.” But when asked if it’s ever difficult to really ‘love thy brother’ when sharing so much of life, Conor laughs. “I wouldn’t want to spend any more time together. I’ll say that.”

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